ER HOW18770571

Author – M J Howes

Age – 12+

Lola and Patrick are best friends and hang out together trying to forget for a while what is happening around them. They live in a time of invasion – alien invasion. The ground shakes and hovering machines tear buildings, homes and businesses apart, sometimes sucking up the inhabitants.

When Lola is with Patrick instead of going home after school, her father goes looking for her. He is taken by the machines and Lola can’t forgive herself. After her dad’s workshop is damaged by an attack, she sorts through his papers and she and Patrick read about what he was working on. What she finds, helps her decision to be taken herself. She needs to find her dad. But what she discovers inside the ships is more shocking than she ever dreamed of.

A bit sci-fi, a bit horror, tons of action and and a bit love-story. Great!

(Action, Sci Fi, Romance, Friendship, Future, Aliens, Family, Courage, Abduction, Perseverance, Escape)


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