Author – Mark Walden

Age – 9+

Sam is hiding from the Drones – beings that are part machine and part something else. Everyone he knows has been changed into a zombie-like state and there is no-one left to help him. One day when he is faced with a Drone, he thinks his life is over. But gunfire comes from nowhere and he is saved by a girl. After months on his own he finally has someone to talk to about what has happened to his family and city. But meeting her and others who are fighting back brings more questions than answers.

Earthfall was awesome! ‘War of the Worlds’ meets ‘I am Legend’ (Will Smith movie) meets ‘V’ (TV Series). I can’t wait for the next instalment from the author who wrote the ‘H.I.V.E’ series.

(Aliens, Zombie, Family, Friendship, Escape, Experiment, Science, Series)


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