Digger Field – World Champion, maybe

15699274Author – Damian Davis

Age – 7+

Digger Field isn’t particularly good at anything. So he decides he will spend his summer holidays trying to break the rock skimming world record. Along with his best friend Wriggler, they practise every day at the river, alongside a deserted house. Digger’s uncle is selling his small boat and outboard motor, so when they aren’t skimming stones, they are trying out different ideas to make the money to buy it. This results in many hilarious escapades – but no money.

When they keep seeing a strange man around the deserted house, they explore it to find a hidden trap door. What’s inside? Should they tell the police? Who is the stranger and why does he keep turning up in the same places?

This was a great story which made me laugh out loud in places. With a strong girl character alongside the two boys, I think this story would appeal to all readers aged from 7 – 12.

(Mates, Humour, Mystery, Stranger, Police, Animals, Birds)


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