Disruption (Disruption 1)


Author – Jessica Shirvington

Age – 14+

This is the 1st in a series.

Maggie lives in a world where M-Bands are compulsory. They are bracelets that have been adapted from Smart phone technology apps/add ons. These M-Bands monitor and check pheromones between people as they meet. If you have a 70% ‘rating’ between you, you are a good match. A ‘true’ match is very rare , so people try to get as high a match as possible.

Maggie’s father was a pesticide chemist, working on a drug to interrupt these connections between insects and he began testing it on humans. Suddenly he registers as a ‘neg,’ and he disappears. Negs are quickly erased from society – the government claiming these people with a neg rating have or will in the future, commit a crime or become a person undesirable to society.

This story is about Mags looking for her father and doing anything to find him. She is a tough character, but when she tricks someone powerful into helping her, will she regret it?

This was something different – about making your own choices and standing up for what you believe in. It’s also about determination and completing what you set out to do, no matter what.

Great ending – looking forward to the next in the series.

(Betrayal, Future, Conflict, Courage, Love, Technology, Series, Secret, Guilt)


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