TEEN REI18722924

Author – Nicola Reilly

Age – 12+

This is the 1st book in a series.

Coe lives on an island that is covered by the rising tides every night. They count their days and lives by tides. When the tides rise, they all clamber onto a concrete platform away from the Scribblers which attack them if they are in the water.

Coe only has one hand as she lost her other in a scribbler attack. Many of the others call her Scribbler Bait but are amazed how she survived.

It is a time of survival and there are less than 500 people left. No-one is sad when one of them is swept off the platform by a wave, or attacked by a scribbler from under the sand where they have learnt to hide, as the food they have been handed out has run out. Now, they have to survive on nothing but fish.

There is no place for emotions in this place in earth’s future, especially the emotion of love….

Clever story as it is set in the future with the concrete platform built by someone in our time, who predicted the rising oceans.

(Conflict, Courage, Grief, Betrayal, Series, Secret, Dystopian, Environment, Love, Royalty, Post Apocalypse, Future)


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