Crow Country


Author – Kate Constable

Age – 10+

Sadie isn’t happy about moving to a small aussie town her mum used to visit as a child. She has to leave everything behind in the city and she makes sure her mum knows how she feels about it.
Soon after arriving, she explores the area and finds a strange circle of stones in a dried up lake bed. To her shock, a crow lands nearby and speaks to her!

This is the beginning of a seemingly impossible task set by the crow – to right a wrong. The only trouble is Sadie has no idea what it is. When she begins to have blackouts – becoming another Sadie in her family history, the pieces slowly come together to reveal a horrible secret. With the help of a new friend they right the wrong the crow speaks of and bring families together.

(Historical, Time travel, Talking animal, Crow, Family, Secret)


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