Dandelion Clocks


Author – Rebecca Westcott

Age – 11

Olivia is getting on with being 11, avoiding the class cow and her cronies and trying not to let on that she likes Ben in her science class.

When Mum begins showing her things like how to cook Spaghetti Bolognese, how to cleanse her skin and put on makeup, Olivia is OK with it. Mum even gives Olivia her diaries from when she was the same age, to help out with sticky situations like friendships and boys. But Olivia begins to feel something is not right with her parents. Mum seems very tired lately. Are they going to get a divorce? Maybe if they finally go to Disneyland for a holiday (Olivia’s lifelong dream), they will fix things? But when her dad finally calls them up to mum’s bedside they tell them something that changes everything.

This is would be great for younger fans of The Fault in our Stars.

(Illness, Family, Loss, First love, Diary, Grief, Friendship)


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