Dear Scarlet


Author – Fleur Hitchcock

Age – 7+

Eleven year old Scarlett lives with her mum and toddler half brother Syd. Scarlett is reminded almost daily by a vindictive teacher, that her Dad was a jewel thief and spent time in prison. But when her Dad’s solicitor arrives with a strange package, Scarlett discovers there is more to her Dad than she has been told.
But another rumour about missing diamonds has brought danger to Scarlett and her family, and as she tries to decipher the clues her dad has left her, the threat becomes closer and closer.

Each chapter begins with a black cat in a tree. Scarlett’s cat is called Houdini and much of the story is about mystery and escape. Scarlett is a funny, loveable character and girl readers will relate to her daily trials. Great story.

(Secret, Family, Conflict, Bullying, Mystery)


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