Blood Family


Author – Anne Fine

Age – 14+

Told in several viewpoints throughout the novel, we follow the life of seven yr old Eddie Taylor after he and his mother are rescued from Bryce Harris, a drunken and violent abuser. Over several years Harris has beaten Eddie’s mother into a catatonic state, while Eddie is kept inside, sworn at and made to sleep in a corner of the squalid lounge floor with a dog. A well meaning neighbour saw Eddie peeking out the curtains one day and after several attempts, finally got the police and social workers involved.

Eddie settles into a new family and we see how he grows and learns and develops – until one day when he sees a face. A face that sends him spiralling downwards….

Fantastic. This is a view into how things can go so wrong and how love can find you again and bring you home.

Stunning, terrible, believable. One of the best of Anne Fine’s yet.

(Abuse, Family, Foster, Blended family, Self esteem, Drugs, Relationships, Individuality, Growing up)


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