TEEN PUL13414794

Author – Elizabeth Pulford

Age – 12+

Zara is in a coma in intensive care after a motorbike accident. Her beloved brother Jem is dead – swerving to avoid a toddler, and hitting a tree.
Broken is the story of Zara struggling back to the surface. Back to her grieving, worried parents, back to her best friend Trace and back to Paul – a boy from her past.
But while she is unconscious she is looking for Jem – in a world of heroes and villains, just like Jem’s comic books. And there is the other business. The woman who asked for directions and turned into a man. A man who abducted her.

This is very cleverly written – with Zara hearing everything happening and spoken around her hospital bed, but not being able to respond. Part graphic novel, the story is a tumble of dreams, nightmares and memories.
(Siblings, Hospital, Coma, Memory, Abduction, Loss, Grief)


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