Butterfly Grave (Murder Notebooks 3)

TEEN CAS18113449

Author – Anne Cassidy

Age – 13+

Rose lives with her grandmother after her mother and stepfather disappeared 5 years before.

This episode of the story is spent in Newcastle where her stepbrother Joshua grew up.
Joshua (at university in London) and his friend Skeggsie (Joshua’s best friend in London and a techie) is helping Rose and Joshua with the search for their parents who went out for dinner one night and never came back.

Previous episodes have led them to know that their parents are alive and involved in something to do with a blue butterfly (they all now have the same tattoo somewhere on their body) and found notebooks with strange code that Skeggsie was helping them decipher.

This is the 3rd in the 4 part Murder Notebooks series and a key book in the series. Rose and Josh still want to know what happened to her mum and his dad and why the police seem to be covering something up. There is lots of action in this part of the story and tradgedy too – which sparked everything in th first place.

A must read series!

(Series, Mystery, Blended family, Murder, Friendship, Love)


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