Call me Drog


Author – Sue Cowing

Age – 10+

Parker and his friend Wren are in a junkyard when Parker spots an ugly puppet amongst the rubbish. Wren doesn’t like the look of it, but Parker decides to take it home. But when he tries it on his hand, it won’t come off. ‘Call me Drog,’ it says and Parker’s struggle with Drog begins.

He is stuck with this sarcastic, nasty creature and no-one believes that he speaks or is stuck on his hand. Wren is mad at him, his teacher’s think he is subconsciously dealing with his parent’s divorce and his mum sends him to a psychiatrist. It’s not until Parker enrols in a martial arts class, that Drog slowly loses his grip over Parker.

A little bit creepy, a little bit crazy and the reader will feel Parker’s frustration. What would we do with a talking puppet stuck to our hand?

(Puppet, Creepy, Friends, Family, Control, Independence, School)


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