Cattra’s Legacy


Author – Anna Mackenzie

Age – 12+

When Risha’s father Pelon dies in the mountain village of Torfell, she is soon told the house she has grown up in does not belong to her. It was only leased for Pelon’s lifetime. She knows otherwise but without proof she cannot argue with the head of the town.

She is left grieving for Pelon but also angry at him for not providing for her if he died. She was brought there very young and has always been an outsider ‘outcomer’.

As she grew she would see visions of places she had never been. She would hear someone talking to her. Someone called Nonni. She told Pelon of this but he told her to stop answering Nonni and not to tell anyone of her visions/voices.

When traders come to town she leaves with them… and discovers where she truly belongs.

Great fantasy fiction from local author Anna Mackenzie. This is her 7th novel for teens.

(NZ Author, Fantasy, Medieval, War, Historical, Politics, Courage, Family, Swords)


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