The Shadrach Trilogy

The Shadrach Trilogy

Author – Joy Cowley

Age – 8+

This is a bind-up of the the three Shadrach books, beginning with Bow down Shadrach…

Hannah lives on a farm in the Malborough Sounds South Island NZ with her parents (Sophie & Joe) and her two younger brothers – Mikey & Sky.
They own an old Clydesdale horse who used to be part of a circus act. His name is Shadrach and he’s been trained to turn away when you ask him to look you in the eye, and bow down, bending his knees.

One day after inviting a new girl from school, Hannah commands Shadrach to bow down. He is very old now and arthritic and after he bows down, he rears as part of his trick – but falls sideways and lays on the ground.
He injures himself, prompting Hannah’s parents to discuss how old he is and what will happen to him. To protect their feelings, Hannah’s mum tells them he is going to a retirement home for horses.

But when Hannah discovers the truth, she is determined to save the old horse who is like a member of their family.

Lovely Story. Wish I’d read it years ago. Horse lovers would love it. It made me cry, but I still loved it.

(Determination, Animals, Horse, Family, Grief, Loss, Courage, New Zealand, Malborough Sounds)


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