Being Here

TEEN JON9608995

Author – Barry Jonsberg

Age – 14+

Leah Cartwright is elderly, living in a rest home and has days where her mind is sharp as a sliver of glass or tossed as a plastic bag in the wind.

When Carly, a young student, asks to interview her for a class project, Leah begins to tell the story of her youth. It’s not exactly what Carly wants but Leah needs to share it before she can’t remember. Although Leah was fiercely loved as a child, her life was grim, controlled and lonely. Her escape was books and the imaginary friend that appeared one day in church. Adam – as she named him, became entwined through her life until he was almost real. As she shares her story with Carly, a bond builds and her experiences help Carly with her own ‘story’.

This is one of my favourite reads of 2011. Beautifully written with totally believable characters. ‘Being Here’ brings together the power of story and imagination, different types of love and wisdom found through life’s journey.

(Imagination, Control, Family, Imaginary Friend, Love, Elderly, Memories)


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