Beat the Band

TEEN CAL7422105

Author – Don Calame

Age – 15+

This is the 2nd in this series (can read on its own)

Cooper Redmond has one goal for his sophomore year. Hit third base with the girls. But his high (and amusing) opinion of himself is not shared by such girls. When he is paired up with the least popular girl (Helen) in school for a Health project – he is sure his chances with the girls have been dashed forever. When he sees a flyer for Battle of the Bands he decides that winning it will be the only way to claim back his kudos. There are a few problems with his idea. His mates don’t want to do it, they suck when they play, and there is no escaping the Health project. But… his (ex-band member) Dad vows to help, and Cooper slowly discovers Helen isn’t the girl he thought she was.

This was a hilarious, light, entertaining read. Although one-track minded, the main character does redeem himself in a brilliant way by the end of the book. This story makes me want to read more by this author. Guys and girls will laugh all the way through.

(Popularity, Relationships, Friends, School, Music, Series)


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