11675072Author – Sharon Dogar

Age – 14+

A fictional story of Peter Van Pels – the boy who spent two years in hiding during the second world war, with Anne Frank and 6 others. Peter struggles with the lack of privacy, the loss of freedom and Anne’s loud, confident personality. But over time they build a friendship, then an intense bond, in turn concerning the adults around them.

The story is written as a memory by Peter as he lies close to death in a German Death camp. The epilogue sums up what happened to the occupants of the annexe, to the best of the author’s research. This story was controversial when first released, due to the sexual topic explored, but when you think about teens growing up in such a confined space, Annexed is a believable if only fictional account of Peter Van Pels.

(War, Nazis, Jews, Hiding, Love, Growing up, Conflict)


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