Another Me


Author – Cathy MacPhail

Age – 12+

Fay can’t believe it when she is chosen for the lead in the school production of Macbeth. Monica is always the lead and she is jealous that Fay will be playing opposite Drew (Macbeth) – the hottest guy in school.

Everything would be awesome if it wasn’t for her parents arguing and the feeling she is being followed. Then people begin saying they saw her in places she wasn’t. Was it a case of mistaken identity? But when people become more adamant it was her, Fay begins to think she is going crazy. The school blames it on the stress at home, but Drew shows her something on the internet. Something ancient and strange about doubles called doppelgangers and tales of death to come.

Who is the stranger? Why are they doing this?

I read this in one sitting. An intriguing read with a twist to finish with? Who is real – who is not? Read carefully…

(School, Doppelganger, Stranger, Eerie, Identity, Family, School Play)


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