The Sons of Scarlatti (Infinity Drake 1)


Author – John McNally

Age – 9+

This is the 1st in a series.

After losing his mum and his father years before, (Infinity Drake) Finn, and his Uncle Al are very close. So when Grandma goes on a ‘knitting’ cruise, Finn is excited to be spending his time with his Uncle.

But Al Allenby is a famous scientist, and before they even begin their holiday, he is called up by world leaders to attend an important meeting.

Finn is gobsmacked to see presidents and prime ministers (on skype etc) all wanting to speak to his uncle to help them deal with a global threat.

A terrorist has released a biological weapon – a mutant wasp, capable of wiping out the planet. This madman wants a machine Uncle Al has invented. This machine shrinks matter and when Al’s and his team of military experts use it to defeat the wasp, Finn is caught up in it too.

This story is pumped full of action adventure and science. A fantastic read!

(Action, Wasp, Action, Adventure, Family, Friendship, Conflict, Courage, Science, Humour, Series)


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