A Very Unusual Pursuit (City of Orphans 1)


Author – Catherine Jinks

Age – 10+

This is the 1st in a series.

Bridie is a ten year old apprentice to a Bogler. This is a respectable trade in 19th Century London – ridding the city of monsters who snatch children from cupboards, chimneys and other dark places.
They meet Miss Edith Eames, a wealthy lady who has researched all manner of monsters, and who pays to come along and watch them work. Bridie is bait – singing to draw out the monster. Alfred then slays it with his spear.

But bogles aren’t the only thing they will have to defeat. Someone in town is summoning terrible things, even worse than bogles….

A great story with action, creepy, and monsters aplenty.

Something for young readers who need something a little more substantial but without the more teen/adult themes. This is the first in a series set in Victorian London. I enjoyed the whole series.

(Creepy, Monsters, Scary, Historical, Courage, Action, Friendship, Blended Family, Series)


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