Addie Accident

ER CORAddie Accident

Author – Shirley Corlett

Age – 7+

Addie is always in an accident or causing one. Her Dad has a broken leg, her best friends has stitches and her mum has a black eye. No-one wants to play with her, calling her Addie Accident, or fatty, or tubby. The school bullies also like to make her life difficult. Feeling so alone, Addie dreams up her own friends from Imagination Land and her favourite place to do this is in the empty house next door. One day when she feels everything is hopeless she decides she needs a friend just like her – hopelessly unlucky in everything they do.

She wasn’t planning on it coming true. Suddenly there is a very real boy hiding in the house next door – sent from Imagination Land to not only sort out Addie’s problems but his own.

This is a great story about believing in yourself and your abilities and not becoming what everyone thinks of you. It’s about taking responsibility for things that happen and realising your real potential.

(Responsibility, Friendship, Family, Belief, Imagination, Bullying, Secret, School)


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