Against the Odds


Author – Marjolijn Hof

Age – 9+

Kiki’s father is a doctor and is always putting himself in danger, travelling to war zones to help. Kiki never likes him going and when her father goes missing, she feels numb at first. Her mother explains the ‘odds’ of him dying are very slim. In Kiki’s worry, her mind begins to work on the ‘odds’.

This book won many awards in Europe. I didn’t really like the dialogue/thoughts in this book as they were stilted. eg. I did this. I did that. Mother went to the shops. I went to school – sort of text. But it was very good dealing with the strange feelings we have when we’re worried about something and then the guilty feeling we have for thinking those thoughts in the first place.

(War, Hope, Guilt, Family, Fear, Odds)


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