Wizard’s Guide to Wellington


Author – A J Ponder

Age – 7+

Alec, his little sister Molly, and his mum are waiting at the airport for Alec’s Dad. They are all supposed to meet up to welcome an English cousin called Perrin. But Dad doesn’t turn up and they miss Perrin who has arrived at the airport but is more worried about finding her Wizard’s Guide. She must’ve dropped it – but where?
Alec picks up the guide, completely unaware who it belongs to or that it is a magical book by the name of Ike. And this is where Alec’s amazing adventure begins.
Perrin finds accommodation – her sort of accommodation, as she is visiting Wellingtowne, a magical parallel city to Wellington. Alec and Perrin soon cross paths after Ike teaches him about the magical city that surrounds him. But where is Dad?
In the search for his father, Alec and Perrin embark on an adventure including broomsticks, strange creatures and flying limosines. They come up against an evil siren, angry mer-people, and terrible spells only to discover that both Wellingtowne and Wellington are in mortal danger.

(Magical, Wellington, Taniwha, Adventure, Alternate reality, Mystery)


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