TEEN LAN9575046

Author – Mike Lancaster

Age – 12+

This is the 1st in a series

Sometime in the future a collection of tapes are found. They are recordings made by Kyle Straker about what has happened to him and his friend Lilly. He has taped over his dad’s Dire Straits tapes to tell his story.
The entire human race has been taken over – or so it seems at first. Is it an alien invasion or something else? Reminiscent of ‘The Matrix’, the human race has been reprogrammed – upgraded to 1.0 leaving a handful of humans at operating system 0.4. Kyle is one of these few and struggles to deal with this new reality. He is invisible to his family and all those he knew and loved.

I read this in one sitting – I was gripped by the story and the unique way it dealt with this idea. The sequel is called 1.4 but this can be read on its own.

(Aliens, Future, Friendship, Conflict, Courage, Series)


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