A Medal for Leroy


Author – Michael Morpurgo

Age – 8+

Michael doesn’t remember his father, an RAF pilot lost in the war. And his French mother, heartbroken and passionate, doesn’t like to talk about her husband. But then Auntie Snowdrop gives Michael a medal, followed by a photograph, which begin to reveal a hidden history. A story of love and loss. A story that will change everything – and reveal to Michael who Auntie Snowdrop really is. …

Another story from the author of War Horse, A Medal for Leroy was inspired by the true story of Walter Tull, who was the first black officer in the British army. Walter Tull performed many acts of bravery but was never awarded a medal.

(Racism, Fairness, Walter Tull, Negro, Black, Love, Loss, RAF, War)


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