The D’Evil Diaries


Author – Tatum Flynn

Age – 10+

At 12, Jinx is the youngest son of the Devil. But no matter how he tries, he can’t be as evil as his big brother Dantalion, and good things keep happening when he tries to be bad. His dad (Lucifer) is angry after reading his school report, and sends him off to private tutors Blackbeard in the 18th Century, then Dracula as a last resort – but when Blackbeard ends up having a beach wedding with a mermaid and Dracula gives up blood and is the face of new milk advertising, Lucifer decides Jinx must go to Sharp Military Academy to learn how to be evil.

Jinx runs away and his adventures really begin when he sneaks out of his father’s kingdom city of pandemonium, and meets Tommy (Thomasina) an 11yr old human girl. She shouldn’t even be in Hell. Only 17 yrs an older are ever let in to Hell.

On the quest to learn why she is there, they learn that the Infinite Wall (the wall between Heaven and Hell is going to be broken down by traitors to Lucifer) and they suddenly are the only ones to save the entire kingdom of Hell.

Tommy and Jinx face Hellions, Garmin (Hell’s Vultures), Witches (who were burnt at the stake centuries before) and travel on the Infernal Express to the Desert of Deception and beyond, to discover a betrayal he can hardly believe, and the courage to finally redeem himself.

(Humour, Hell, Heaven, Adventure, Action, Betrayal, Redemption, Friendship, Quest, Series)


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