Author – Amanda Mitchison

Age – 10+

Who knows why Wilf steals things. Top end cars, wallets, anything that he sets his mind to take. It’s a challenge. And his way of thinking is, that people are asking for trouble if they leave their stuff (even if locked) for someone to take. They are being careless.
He doesn’t need to steal. He lives in an expensive apartment building with his twin sister Ishbel (Ishie) and they look after themselves while their banker father is away on business – which is quite a lot of the time. But one day, he steals the wrong thing – something someone else was planning to steal. And they want it back. But so does someone else.

That someone is a 3000 yr old boy, and he needs Wilf and Ishie to help him take it back to where it belongs – or does it?

Something different, packed with adventure and a deadly chase.

(Bronze Age, Magic, Adventure, Action, Mystery, Twins, Betrayal, Crime)


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