Author – Alex Morel

Age – 13+

Jane has a plan. And she is determined to stick to it. She has spent the last 6 months in her long stay at Life House after her father’s suicide, doing everything she can to convince the hospital (her Doctor in particular), that she is well enough by Christmas to fly home for two weeks.

She has a lot of pills that she intends to take in the plane’s bathroom once up in the air, then will return to her seat, pretend to sleep then never wake up.

Never in a million dreams, or in any of her constant second guessing of everything in her life, think that the plane might crash.

After severe turbulence whilst in the bathroom, she smashes her head on the ceiling then drops the pills. She wakes up in a nightmare.

Great read!

(Action, Courage, Conflict, Grief, Love, Suicide, Plane Crash, Determination)


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