Author – Celine Kiernan

Age – 15+

This book was one of the strangest but most compelling stories I have ever read.

Three characters (teens) from Victorian Ireland, Matina (Tina), Joseph (Joe) and Harry (a young Houdini), come together by chance. Harry has arrived to find the promised job as a magician’s assistant gone after the theatre he was to work in has had a fire. Tina and Harry are kind to him and they become friends.

Two strange men – Vincent and Cornelius (Lord Wolcroft) are in Dublin, looking for performing artists for an extravaganza they want to put on at their estate miles away. But they have very strange reasons for doing so.

This story was deliciously creepy, a touch of Adams Family but without the comedy, and a lot strange. Gothic love story mixed with horror and sci fi? Weird.

(Love, Dublin, Friendship, Horror, Evil, Sci Fi, Secrets, Gothic, Victorian, Creepy, Control)


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