My Life as a Book


Author – Janet Tashjian

Illustrator – (14 yr old) Jake Tashjian

Age – 7+

Derek likes pulling pranks with his friend Matt, or with his dog Bodi. But after one prank too many he is sent off to summer school.

This is definitely the worst summer in his life because:

His teacher has given them three books to read and write reports on, his best mate Matt has gone away for the summer, and now he has to go to Learning Camp to help with his schoolwork.

But along the way he learns stuff about reading he never knew (which is quite cool), he learns something about himself and he learns that years before he was part of a terrible tragedy he knew nothing about.

Think this might be a sad book? No – It’s hilarious. If you like Wimpy Kid, you’ll like this too.

(School, Friendship, Reading, Reluctant Reader, Mystery, Pranks, Humour, Wimpy Kid Fans)


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