Boyface and the Uncertain Ponies

ER CAM24214333

Author – James Campbell / Illustrated by Mark Weighton

Age – 7+

The little village of Stoddenage on Sea (where Boyface and his parents lived), had a bit of a problem. Their ponies were turning into zebras.

That was only part of the problem. These zebras might actually turn into something else entirely! They had been put through a Quantum Chromatic Disruption Machine to remove their stripes and make them look like ponies.

Something had gone wrong with the quantum side of things, and it was up to Boyface to put things right.

But someone was determined to stop the Antelope family by putting a Quantum Disruption Bomb into their machine!

Great illustrations, funny story! Really liked the way the book was set out.

(Humour, Mystery, Secret. Series)


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