ER HOR18375844

Author – Anthony Horowitz

Age – 8+

Joe knows his granny isn’t a normal granny. His granny doesn’t knit and bake and be kind and happy. His granny does everything she can to be mean, embarrassing him at Christmas by buying him babyish presents, setting up his Nanny (who sticks up for Joe against Granny) for theft, and blowing up the gardener.
But that’s not all. When Joe is forced to stay with Granny after his parents go on holiday without him, he overhears her with a group of elderly friends as they smoke cigars and play poker. They hate the young with their smooth skin and energy. They have are plotting something terrible, and he knows that it has something to do with him…

Great for fans of David Walliams, Andy Griffiths or Roald Dahl

(Grandparent, Elderly, Humour, Secret, Family, Bullying)


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