Author – Julia Jarmin

Age – 11+

is relieved when his ex best friend Danny went to a different school. They’d outgrown each other, and Danny was, well, different. So when Toby found out that Danny’s new school didn’t work out for him and that they were to be at the same school again, he was worried.
Danny arrived and as expected, didn’t fit in. The others thought he talked funny, couldn’t take a joke and was a mummies boy.
Danny thought he and Toby would be best mates again, but when Toby practically ignored him, he wasn’t sure what to do or say. Only a few girls were kind to Danny, the boys avoiding him and calling him names.

But the ringleader was Nick – captain of the football team and popular amongst his classmates. When they go on a school trip to France Nick is keen to make Danny’s life as horrible as possible. Toby has been accepted into Nick’s group (but only if he ignores Danny). Toby is fine with this in the beginning, but the meaner Nick becomes, the more uncomfortable Toby becomes with Danny’s treatment.
As this bullying escalates, Danny is pushed to breaking point…

(Normandy, Bullying, Friendship, School, School Trip, France, Peer Pressure)


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