A Ghost in My Suitcase


Author – Gabrielle Wang

Age – 8+

Celeste is nervous but excited about travelling to China from Australia, to see her Grandmother. Celeste is taking her Mum’s ashes to scatter them in the Isle of Clouds, where her mother grew up and her ancestors are from. When she first arrives, there is another girl staying with Por Por (Celeste’s Grandmother), and she is mean to Celeste.
Despite Ting Ting’s nastiness, Celeste is loving the sights and smells of the city her grandmother lives in. She soon discovers Ting Ting is an orphan who Por Por took in. Her grandmother is well known and respected around the city and then in the Isle of Clouds – a village where she grew up.
But there is something Por Por or her Mum didn’t tell Celeste. Por Por is a ghost hunter – banishing troublesome spirits from people’s homes. Ting Ting has been in training alongside Por Por, but when Celeste is faced with an angry spirit, she surprises herself and Por Por and steps in to help.

(Chinese Custom, China, Ghost, Grandmother, Family, Secret, Courage)


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