The Boy Who Lost his Face


Author – Louis Sachar

Age – 11+

(Contains Swearing)

David is worried. He’s also feeling a bit mean, because while he was trying to be cool with three other boys, he watched them tip an old lady out of her chair, pour lemonade on her face and then steal her carved walking stick. Because all he did was watch, he flipped her the bird as they escaped

His mind is racing afterwards, wondering why he did it? Maybe she wouldn’t even know what it meant? And what mumbo jumbo was she saying as they left?

Things aren’t improving for David. Scott (ex best friend) now ignores him, choosing to hang out with Randy and Roger. He broke a window playing catch with his little brother Ricky, and fell off his chair in class (like Mrs Bayfield). He walked into class with his fly down. He’d seen Mrs Bayfield’s underwear when she fell off her chair. Everything that happened to her is happening to him! Maybe she cursed him?

This was a story about making new friends, being brave enough to ask out a girl and how powerful the subconscious can be.

(School, Peer Pressure, Bullying, Curse, Friendship, Humour)


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