13 Days of Midnight

TEEN HUN24345935

Author – Leo Hunt

Age – 12+

When Luke Manchett learns that his Paranormal TV star Dad has died, he’s more intrigued than upset about it. He has instructions to meet his dad’s lawyer and is told he will inherit $6 million. Instantly he thinks of the flash cars he can buy to impress the girl he likes at school. But what he should’ve been thinking about is why one of the things he signed was on an ancient goat skin.
Later that week to his shock, he discovers the men that seem to be following him are in fact two of eight spirits called The Host that are part of the bargain. These eight spirits (some nicer than others and some truly evil) are now bonded to him as they were to his father.
Only the strange girl (Elza) at school can help him, when she admits she can see his ghosts too. She has always had the second sight. Now Elza and Luke have to try and unscramble his dad’s notes, and open the strange green book with a star on the cover. Halloween is approaching and his eight spirits can wreak some true havoc on him, his mum, his friends and the rest of their town of Dunbarrow, because he doesn’t have the same necromancer skills of his father to keep them in line. How will he learn enough in time to stop them?

Great story for Skulduggery fans or anyone who enjoys tales of the paranormal.

(Black Magic, Devil, Spirits, Action, Conflict, Family, Courage, Ghost, Horror)


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