Being Magdalene

Being Magdalene by Fleur Beale

Author – Fleur Beale

Age 13+

Third in the story of the Pilgrim Family, Being Magdalene tells the story of 12 yr old Magdalene Pilgrim and how her world is falling apart around her. Desperate to protect her younger sister Zillah from any backlash for her strong-willed behavior, Magdalene is suffering herself. Her older brothers Abraham and Luke are balking against The Rule and Magdalene isn’t sure what to believe. Their leader Elder Stephen is attacking the Pilgrim family every chance he gets, since their 16 yr old sister Rebecca ran away from their impending wedding.
But Abraham, Luke and little Zillah are much surer than Magdalene about how they want their lives to be, and they find a way to break away.
Zillah thrives away from The Rule, but Magdalene is still torn between her duty to her parents, and the regime of The Rule, and it takes much longer for her to find out who the real Magdalene is.

A fabulous ending to this wonderful series. Very believable in the fact that nothing was clear cut and tidy and straight forward. There was much hurt, duty, sadness, confusion and anger, between the different relationships within the family dynamics.

Fantastic Kiwi Fiction.

(Cult, Family, Secret, Depression, Art Therapy, Bullying)


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