Damage Done


Author – Amanda Panitch

Age – 15+

Julia Vann has a twin called Ryan. They are incredibly close. After all they were holding hands even before they were born. But something isn’t quite right with the Vann twins.

Julia becomes Lucy when something terrible happens. When they are 17, Ryan locks 10 teenagers (including his twin sister) and a teacher in the school band suite and then opens fire with his father’s gun.

Why did he do it? When the family is ostracised they move and Julia becomes Lucy, with a new best friend and the spunky Michael Silverman to drool over in Spanish class. But Lucy’s past isn’t far behind her and when she begins to suspect someone following her, everything begins to unravel.

This was a great story, with only enough clues to keep you wanting to know more, but not enough to spoil the horror of what was coming.

(Crime, Secret, Family, Friendship, Siblings, Twins, Shooting, Lies)


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