Author – Morris Gleitzman

Age – 13+

No.5 in this hugely popular series. Felix is now 13 and living with Gabriek who spends a lot of his time drinking his cabbage vodka. But living in the rubble of a city after the war is just as tough as during it. People are just as desperate for food and will kill to get it.
Gabriek has warned Felix to keep to himself, but he can’t ignore people who need help. This attracts a leader of thugs. When Felix stops to help a young boy who has been shot, Gogol kidnaps Felix and demands he help an injured man in his gang. Felix does the best he can and doesn’t realise that he will be in charge of a small baby boy by the end of the day.

This story might be set after the war is finished, but it is no less harrowing. Great series.

(War, Conflict, Courage, Friendship, Historical, Series, Secret, Poverty)


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