25895171Author – Sarah Crossan

Age – 12+

Tippi and Grace are 16 yr old twins. Twins are special, but these sisters even more so. They are joined at the hip – literally. They both have their arms but share intestines and other organs and one pair of legs. Tippi and Grace have learnt to get around on crutches, with their inner arms around one another. They are very different in personality but are very close emotionally, just as most twins are. Tippi is outspoken and brave, wanting to try new things like alcohol and smoking, whereas Grace is quiet and kind and aware of what the alcohol and tobacco can do to their bodies.

They live with their mum who works long hours to support them and her sister Dragon (nickname) their Grammie (Dad’s mum) and their out-of-work drink-away-his-sorrows dad.

The story begins with Tippi and Grace going to a normal school for the first time. It’s a private school and they are worried about the stares, name calling and laughs aimed at them their whole lives. But they are given a guide for the first few days who is small but fiery, and who defends them against any maliciousness, becoming one of their best friends.

The other best friend is Jon, who Grace falls for – dreaming of what it would be like to be his girlfriend, what his kisses would be like and how it could ever be possible.

But there are other things on the horizon. Much bigger worries and important decisions to make – not just for them, but for their whole family.

‘One’ is beautifully written in a poem type format – just as her previous book ‘The Weight of Water’. It is wonderfully clever how so little words can tell this gorgeous but sad story. Loved it.

(Conjoined, Siamese twins, Siblings)


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