Author – Tom Hoyle

Age – 14+

This story is written as a transcript from George Fleet’s cell after an experience he will never forget. Interspersed through his transcript are police statements/phone call transcripts by witnesses or those who knew George. Another important part of the story are chapters by the killer – seeing how he ticks.

When George sees a house on fire from his seat on the bus, he leaps off and helps save a woman and her baby. He receives a visit by his MP, his photo in the papers and kudos at his school. But the thing that changes everything is when he receives a National Badge of Courage and a free trip of a lifetime to Australia to experience an Ultimate Bushcraft adventure.

He’s excited but a little nervous, but soon meets up with a group of other guys his age going on the same flight and adventure.

He doesn’t realise at the time, but when one of the boys has a severe reaction to something he eats on the plane, it is only the beginning of their nightmare…

A thriller read – great for guys. Who is the murderer among them?

(Crime, Thriller, Action, Betrayal, Bullying, Peer Pressure, Courage, Adventure, Australia)


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