Dark Warning

TEEN FIT12417640

Author – Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick

Age – 12+

Taney was about 4 when she 1st experienced 2nd sight. She didn’t know what is was, just that a boy was going to be bitten by a dog. When she tells her father (Da), he doesn’t say much at first. When it happens again she can see he’s not happy and he tells her not to tell a soul. When she learns from her neighbours that her mother had 2nd sight Taney finally has a name for it.

But the local children do find out and begin to call her a witch. One day as she is being taunted, an unlikely rescuer comes to her aid. Billy the Bowl is 17 and was born without legs and gets around in a wine barrel made into a wheeled cart. They become good friends as he tells her to celebrate her differences.

But something awful is happening in their city. Someone is strangling girls and robbing them – and Taney can ‘see’ them do it. How can she stop them, and who is the strangler?

A great story set in Georgian Dublin. I loved the language and voice of Taney.

(1st person, Georgian Dublin, Historical, Murder, Psychic, Friendship)


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