Gabriel’s Clock

ER – PAS19186369

Author – Hilton Pashley

Age – 10+

Jonathon has no idea he is the only half demon – half angel child in the world. When strange men wearing pin stripe suits, bowler hats and no faces appear at their house, his parents grab him and try to flee.

He wakes in a strange bed, in a town he’s never heard of. And what he’s about to learn is something out of strange fiction.
He misses his parents terribly, not knowing what happened to them; but with the help of new friends he’s met at the village, he has to face those faceless men again, and something even worse.

He has become part of an age-old struggle between Heaven and Hell, and he is the only one who can stop it.

I enjoyed this story, and it’s magical and evil characters. When I was trying to pin it down to an age group I swung between 8-12’s and 10+.

It is quite violent/gory in some places, but in others it’s perfect for junior readers.

(Good vs Evil, Secret, Family, Angel, Demon, Hell, Heaven, Magic, Fantasy)


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