Knitbone Pepper-Ghost Dog (1)


Author – Claire Barker

Illustrator – Ross Collins

Age – 7+

Knitbone Pepper is a very old dog. The story begins as his family (The Peppers) are saying goodbye, and then he falls asleep. He doesn’t see the Pearly Gates as expected, so that means – He’s a ghost!

Feeling like a young pup again is fantastic but being a ghost isn’t much fun at first. His best friend Winnie is very sad and upset without him, and nothing he does can make her know he is right next to her, watching her cry. Knitbone soon becomes as sad as Winnie – until a note slides under the wardrobe door where he sleeps….

The ‘Beloveds’ are a group of ghost pets that have belonged to the Pepper family throughout the many years they have lived at Starcross Hall, and they want to help him learn how to deal with being a ghost.

But when the Peppers are suddenly under threat of losing their family home, and Winnie will have to move away, the pets are determined to save them – especially Knitbone Pepper.

This is a fun read, full of fantastic illustrations by Ross Collins. With funny characters, and packed with humorous similie, this would be a great read-a-loud to classes aged 8+ learning to write their own stories. This is the 1st in a new series.

(Humour, Ghost, Dog, Friendship, Mystery, Series)


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