Queen Sardine and Princess Persia


Author – Kate Willis-Crowley

Age – 7+

This is the 2nd in the ‘Queen Sardine’ series.

There is a new cat in Kipper Street and Queen Sardine isn’t happy. Princess Persia just yawned when Queen Sardine and her owner Ivy went to visit the newcomer. She was supposed to bow and be honoured to meet the Queen of the Street!

Meanwhile Ivy has her own problem. There is a new girl in her class. Macy has been put in Ivy and her best friend Kei’s class talent group, and at first that’s fine. But when Macy starts telling them how they should do their dance, and trying to change their ideas, they are a bit put out. One day when Kei and Ivy are on their own, they complain to each other about it and then begin to say unkind things about Macy. But Macy overhears them and they feel terrible.

Queen Sardine has been saying nasty things too – about Princess Persia. Now both Ivy and her cat feel guilty. How will they put things right again?

7 year old girls will love this story – a talking cat, new friends and accepting others is all part of this fun tale.

(Friendship, Acceptance, Animals)


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