The Lost and the Found

TEEN – CLA20685157

Author – Cat Clarke

Age – 14+

Faith’s family is broken. Ever since her 6-yr-old sister Lauren was taken from their front lawn when Faith was 4, they have carried on with life as if on a precipice. Dad has left and has a boyfriend, and Mum copes most of the time, but every now and then can’t even leave her bed- overcome with all encompassing grief.

Faith tries not to be bitter, but she feels like the next 13 yrs are all about Lauren. Her mum never gives up hope for Lauren’s return and is constantly making sure she is never forgotten in the media.

When a phone call comes to say that Lauren is alive – they’ve found her – dropped off by her abductor on the front lawn she was taken from – it’s hard to believe. Faith has suddenly got a ‘real’ big sister, not a ghost that has haunted her whole life. What will she be like? Where has she been and what happened to her while she was gone?

(Guilt, Friendship, Secret, Abduction, Blended family, Family)


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