Bella and the Wandering House

26132642Author – Meg McKinlay

Age – 6+

Bella and her Grandad are very close. She visits him once a week and they spend time together, making things, or just talking – without the rush, rush, rush of her busy parents.
When Bella wakes one morning to realise that her house was in a slightly different place, she knew that he would listen when she told him.
Her Mum just asked Bella to step out of her violets, not even noticing her violets were closer to the front step than before!
When Grandad hears about Bella’s house, he tells her to watch carefully – something amazing could be happening.

And something amazing is – and unbeknown to Bella and Grandad, it all has to do with the presents he has given her over the years, and the special window he has built in her bedroom.

This would make a great read-a-loud to 6+ and has a wonderful mix of family and fantasy.

(Read-a-loud, Fantasy, Family, Grandparent, Ocean)


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