Doll Bones

ER – BLA15944406

Author – Holly Black

Age – 8+

Zac, Poppy and Alice love making up stories with the help of figurines and action figures. Alice lives with her grandmother who is over-protective, in contrast to Poppy whose parents are always working, leaving her at home with her elder brothers. Zac’s home is different again with a, here again, gone again, dad.

Zac is growing now that he’s 12, getting even better on the basketball court at school, and suddenly being noticed more by girls – There is no way he can ever let the guys on his team or anyone know he plays make believe games with Poppy & Alice.

When Dad does the unthinkable, he causes Zac to make a decision to take on a ‘real’ quest.

The three friends begin their quest with a bus trip, needing to get to a nearby town and back before their parents know they are gone. What results is a mystery and a confession, which finally brings the friends back together, but in a different way than before.

This was a fantastic adventure about friendship, growing up and family.
Great read!

(Friendship, Quest, Growing up, Conflict, Imagination, Adventure)


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