The Ghost Prison

17412800Author – Joseph Delaney

Illustrations – Scott M Fischer
Age 8+
Billy was nervous about his new job at the prison. He’d had two weeks training but it wasn’t just any prison. Everyone knew it was full of the ghosts of murderers, witches and worse. Night shift as a prison guard wasn’t going to be easy, but he was keen to get out of the Home for Unfortunate Boys.
He arrives late on his first shift but is let off by the head guard with a warning not to let it happen again. Billy is quickly told he wouldn’t even be there if it wasn’t for one of the ghosts of the prison, who’d asked specifically for him. She must’ve seen him while he was doing his training, and no one wanted to upset this particular ghost.
His first night is scary but he soon grows used to it. Another warning he receives that first night, is to stay away from the Witch Well. ‘ … behind that door you’d face your worst nightmare. Don’t ever go through there!’
But one night he has to do just that, and the warning doesn’t come close to preparing him for the other side of the locked door.
Goosebumps fans or anyone who loves a scary story would love this tale and the creepy black and white illustrations throughout the book. It’s a short story at only 103 pages but neatly tied up at the end, making the young reader think about what might’ve happened to young Billy Calder.
(Creepy, Ghost, Historical, Short Story)

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