ER – FIS21396274

Author -Emma Fischel

Illustrator – Chris Riddell

Age – 9+

Flo (Florence Skritchett) is embarrassed by her grandma. She still uses those old, long , black wands and even cauldrons for her spells!

What’s even worse is Grandma’s insistence that Ghouls are going to attack their home and town of Haggspit – and maybe even the whole of South Witchenland. They all need to be ready. But everyone knows that every single Ghoul was swallowed up in a huge magiquake in the Great Ghoul War.

Grandma breaks manners, rules and Witchworld laws as she is adamant on stopping the Ghoul invasion. She truly believes that Ghouls are digging their way to the surface and are not far away. Is Grandma getting the Confusions? She is old after all.

Dealing with this, her friends sudden interest in Witchboys and makeup, and soon starting a new school, Flo’s life seems upside down, but nothing like what’s coming.

Fantastic story with an even more fantastic setting! Witchworld is our world inhabited by modern witches families, their skyriders (brooms), skychatters (cellphones), and wands with WIN (PIN)numbers.

A little scary for some under 10’s.

(Magic, Family, Growing up, Friends, Humour)


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